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2010 Campaign         coming soon                   

2009 Campaign         coming soon                   

2008 Campaign         coming soon                 



         On to Germany              Dogwood Elementary        Operation Cobra 



                Saipan                              Remagen Bridge                        Blitzkrieg



            Nordwind **3rd set courtesy of Dr Dirt                                     Korea- small arms action



                                                                  Battle of the Bulge


2007 Campaign                                            



     Hurtgen Forest                         DDay-Conneaut                               Saipan



                                                                      Market Garden



                                                                    Battle of the Bulge      


2006 Campaign                                            



                    Hurtgen Forest                   DC Memorial Day Parade         Blitzkrieg



                                                                                 Battle of the Bulge     


2005 Campaign                                           



                            Hurtgen Forest                              Bedford                           Battle of the Bulge


Miscellaneous Events                                          



      2004 Battle of the Bulge                 2003 DDay-Conneaut             2005 Normandy- Fellow G.I.s